Coming Soon!! Pipe Dreamz :A Nigga Still Smokin



 This eighties baby born on Nov. 5 started life in Newark N.J. the oldest of two boys.Raised in a brutal environment of the inner city 12 stayed with his mother in Newark while she send her youngest son to Quincy Fl. to get him out of this  environment. He eventually moved to florida also with his mother where they stayed for two years until moving to Orangeburg S.C. during his adolescent life. This is when the streets became his  home.He entered into a lifestyle of ups and down which has ultimately molded him into who he is today.  Music soon reentered into his life threw rap after learning his way around a drum set from a young age he apilied this to what you all have come to know and love. Its all in what 12 actually means 1 is for knowledge and 2 is for wisdom and when it is brought together it becomes love. People that really know him call him 1-2 a.k.a. Tree Man. In his life he says music is timeless, and with endless possibilities these days it's time to bring a true meaning back to music ,and he is here to show and prove with songs like "Thin Ice" which features his producer and business partner None The Beast . He states everyone wants to be first instead working together toward a common goal. And in this life, there is to much money out here for one person alone .So lets stop the hate and get the MULA!!!

Welcome To 12[Tweleve] World